Sleeve Packs

Our sleeve pack, the LockBox, was designed as a returnable and reusable bulk container to replace the need for one time use packaging (cardboard gaylords) or non-collapsible containers (IBCs). It is strong enough for repeated use and economical for one-way applications.

The Lockbox's 40" x 48" pallet and cover is made up of a 100% recyclable high density polyethylene plastic. The built in locking features secure the sleeve to the pallet and cover, preventing slips or shifts during transit. The pallet and cover are designed to house sleeves of all heights and thicknesses, allowing for a wide array of customizations.

Sleeves that accompany the locking pallet and cover offer a variety of options to choose from. Varying heights and thickness, custom colors, printed graphics, and optional drop down doors ensure a perfect fit for all applications.

Choose from a number of plastic corrugated sleeves that endure through many trips, resist punctures from forks, and can retain their integrity through high humidity or moist conditions. Cardboard corrugate sleeves are also available, offering an economic choice for lighter use.

The Lockbox increases warehouse efficiency and productivity. It allows for continuous use to improve sustainability and maximizes warehouse space by stacking up to four high. Quick and easy for one person to build and collapse. The lockable nine leg platform is nestable and easily integrated with other industry models.

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