Separator Sheets

Replace the one-time use cardboard and wood products with the more durable High Density Polyethylene Separator Sheet. Reduce injury, contamination, and waste disposal fees all while making your facility more environmentally friendly.

By eliminating limited and one-time use materials such as wood and cardboard and utilizing a more durable plastic product, you can reduce your purchase frequency and improve efficiencies.

Our lightweight sheets can be made custom with routed hand-holes, chamfered corners, personalized nomenclature, colors, striping, and/or a variety of thicknesses from 0.300" to 0.500". Resistant to both water and insect infestation, this product can help in keeping a clean, quality product and facility.

If you would like us to customize a solution for you, please contact one of our experts by calling (800) 356-8150 or Request a Quote online.