Food & Grocery

PendaForm has been serving the needs of the food and grocery industry for many years. We understand your needs and we know how to meet your expectations. With over 70 years of experience, our techniques produce durable, long-lasting products that enhance the quality of your distribution capabilities.

In today's society of supermarkets and specialty stores, it is more important than ever that perishable and consumer goods are delivered in an expedited and secure manner. Our team can design custom packaging solutions ideal for any supply chain or choose from a wide variety of established products that will serve you for many years to come.

Our green technologies utilize post-industrial and post-consumer waste, removing them from landfills and turning them into durable food-safe material handling products that are reusable for years. We provide credit for obsolete plastics, that can be recycled and made into new products within our facilities. A true cradle to cradle success story for everyone involved!

If you would like us to customize a solution for you, please contact one of our experts by calling (800) 356-8150 or Request a Quote online.


The Stackerboard stabilizes double or triple stacked loads of irregular or uneven products. Nine leg location pockets allow for quick positioning of a variety of 40" x 48" pallets.

Reinforced alignment corners allow for quick product positioning, recessed banding areas for secure strap hold, and optional branding area and striping available for easy recognition and traceability.

Drain holes prevent moisture accumulation and allows it to be stored safely outside. The lightweight design weighs less than 20lbs providing for easy handling and worker safety.

Grocery Pallets

Our Grocers Select Premium Pallets are designed to provide a solution to issues previously encountered by distributors when storing and transporting food and beverage items. Our pallets seamlessly integrate into automated and non-automated systems. They are made of nonporous material that is easy to clean, meeting the stringent standards set forth by the FDA's 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act.

In addition to ensuring consumer safety and product traceability, our grocery pallets provide financial benefits. Features include a perimeter containment lip, minimal deflection to reduce damage, anti-skid material and high impact resistance. Once the pallet is out of the truck, ergonomic hand holes help workers easily move the pallets, lowering the incidence of employee injury. Lightweight and nestable, our pallets also decrease transportation costs.

Not only is lower fuel consumption a cost-savings, it helps reduce the impact on the environment. Because of PendaForm's focus on the green movement, our grocery pallets are made out of 100% recyclable material and the pallets are 100% recyclable. PendaForm helps your company meet its financial and environmental goals.

It is no wonder that our Grocers Select Premium Pallets are utilized by distribution centers nationwide!

Freezer Spacers

Designed for blast freezing, PendaForm's freezer spacer reduces freezing time needed by 30%. The multi-directional airflow design increases freezing efficiency. Our freezer spacer replaces wood or structural foam - a steel rack alternative.

Our unique and durable freezer spacer is produced with holes throughout for superior drainage, diminishing the risk of water accumulation during thawing and washing. This advanced design will put your mind at ease, avoiding sanitation issues due to the drainage problems other spacer designs present.

By creating a barrier between stacked goods, the freezer spacer allows for optimal airflow between products and reduces the risk of ice accumulation while providing consistent cold storage temperatures.

Our freezer spacers are light weight and easier to handle than wood or structural foam, and are ideal for palletizing and freezing operations. They are available in three strengths to adapt into any application. Nests to 95% for space saving storage and the smooth surface is easily sanitized.

Produce Trays

PendaForm has custom and stock produce trays available for a variety of applications. Made of a smooth food safe material that is chemical resistant , easily sanitized and lasts through 100+ trips. The ergonomic lightweight designs provide for easy handling and worker safety. Options include UV protection, a laminate- coated surface and drain holes.

Tote Lug

The tote lug was built to be used in conjunction with the drain board. This durable ergonomic design is perfect for the handling of produce within the facility. The tote makes carrying produce to and from wash stations quick and convenient. Sanitizes easily and stacks/nests for space saving storage. Made of HDPE, it is 100% recyclable and reusable for years.

Tote Lug Drain Board

The tote lug drain board is ideal for washing produce and is used in conjunction with the tote lug. Fits neatly inside tote for water drainage while produce is being washed and prepared. Drain holes throughout allow moisture to run off into empty space, preventing water from accumulating on produce. Lightweight, sanitizes easily, and ergonomically shaped for comfort. The durable design is made of ABS material. Stacks and nests neatly for space saving storage. Custom sizes and alternate designs are available.