Cargo Management

The storage and protection of cargo has long been a priority in the automotive industry. That's why PendaForm designs and supplies innovative solutions from storage and protection systems to multi-piece tonneau covers for more than a decade.

Let our solution management team take your program from concept to fulfillment.

Storage Boxes

The drive to reduce product weight continues to guide OEMs toward the use of plastics as an alternative to metal. PendaForm's unique competencies in large-part, single- and twin-sheet thermoforming - along with full part integration and assembly operations - make us an ideal partner for storage solutions.

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers serve as a large functional trunk, providing protection from weather and theft. From patented composite bonding technology to twin-sheet forming around an aluminum core, PendaForm's tonneau covers raise the bar for what our customers can expect from a supplier partner.

Why PendaForm for Cargo Management

  • We know what it takes to be design responsible and manage complex programs using multiple technologies.
  • Advanced thermoforming techniques for a great look and light weight
  • Proven part integration and assembly for a total solution
  • People and processes geared to satisfy your toughest demands
  • More than a decade of successful partnerships in the industry

Learn more about our advanced technologies and see how we have contributed to our customer's success with our comprehensive solutions.

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